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Who We Are?

voipappz is a software house specializing in VoIP and Communications related technologies. We provide tailor-made VoIP Solutions with our self-produced Platform both on-prem or as an Infrastructure Communication as a Service (IcPaaS).

As a CpaaS, our platform fuses the gap between traditional communication solutions and web-based platforms. We utilize the most advanced technologies and automation in order to create seamless telecom with reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs. Our Platform consolidates a solid technical background with years of insider experience in the VoIP communication sector to bring our customers a powerful yet simple to use, efficient application platform for all of their communication needs. Most importantly, it provides a business-customized model with guaranteed ROI, but no Capex. Our Platform is already a basic commodity at leading technology companies, whether they be call center service providers or developers of home-grown CRM products. Our vision is to bring our customers powerful, simple to use and elegant applications to solve their communication needs.

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Why Choose Our Platform?



As a veteran CpaaS, voipappz VoIP applications are designed using the of best in security practices.

From Day 1, we focus on building a robust and secure solution in the cloud . Our architecture is based on the of years of inside experience and best practices, including a customer-dedicated Virtual Private Network either on our private cloud or on-premises, Dedicated IP and firewall for fully-controlled access. Passwords are secured using 3rd party tools to keep them safe, Traffic between-peer media are encrypted using WebRTC Stack.

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Our platform is based on a self produced fully-documented modern/agile REST API for easy integration with your in-house systems and cloud.

Our platform is based on a fully-documented modern REST API which enables customers to seamlessly integrate with APIs and applications, including 3rd party ones, without altering the business model or logic. As the entity generating the code, voipappz is in the position to tailor agile solutions, provide customized development, upgrade with new features and bugfixes, and scale up as needed.

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Decentralized architecture gives you the control to create separate segmented environments between your clients.

Separate segmented environments between your clients provide for full analysis and utilization by the organization and users. This facilitates routine management and billing, boosts security, enables additional environments for clients and reduces overall maintenance time. Decentralized architecture also supports White Label solutions, in which, for example, customers can create a separate sub-domain on top of their company domain, different Storage solutions each Customer and User Portal. vopiappz creates tailor made VoIP solutions as per your needs.

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all in the box


Our customers can select their own service provider for their clients, without the need for a middleman.

Our Platform encourage Customers to select their own service providers without a middleman.This enables the purchase of terminations, SMS, and storage directly from your service providers of choice, thereby saving time and money on a short- and long-term basis. As an example, for customer recordings, you can choose between Amazon S3 or your local FTP server. For cloud providers, you can use your favorite infrastructure, with Amazon, VMware and SIP supported. We are supporting any RFC Based SIP Termination providers.

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bring your own provider


We provide real time billing solutions to allow you to analyze usage and to create plans and products to increase revenue.

Our Platform allowing you to monetize your subscribers usage using Real time billing solutions. allowing you to analyze usage, create Taarif plans and products to increase revenue.
*billing module is at early beta mode, contact us for more info

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Who Benefits?

MNVO and Telecom Provider

"Before we started using the voipappz platform, we had steep infrastructural maintenance costs: too many servers! Besides, it was extremely difficult and complex to perform system upgrades and enjoy new features. Now, using voipappz in our very own cloud provider we were able to give our customers advanced communication solutions at a fraction of the cost."

Call Center and PBX Provider

"We used to have a huge R&D Department that had to keep up with emerging technologies. By the time we finished development and in-house testing, our products were already phasing out of the market. voipappz gives us out-of-the-box communication solutions for our customers, in a cloud, per capacity. No more capex!"

CRM and Application Producer

"We wanted to upgrade our CRM with real-time communication capabilities, but our senior programmers just didn’t have the knowledge or experience required. voipappz provided us with an on-premises platform which seamlessly and quickly integrated our CRM with their documented API. We all won out!"

Mobile Application Developer

“We needed a tailor-made communication solution for our application, but wanted it on our own servers because of security issues. A cloud just didn’t do it for us. Luckily, we found voipappz which gave us a comprehensive solution on-premises. So professional!”

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Out of the Box Technical Features



Seamlessly Integrate Real Time Communication into your application with WebRTC Technology stack

call management

Flexible Call Management

Create and Manage your calls in a simple way from transfering and retrieving CDR data to hanging up the call using RESTful API



Create and manage conference rooms with flexible members management using simple API



Easily manage and reuse your system setting using profiles


Virtual Numbers (Dids)

Manage and route Did Numbers to various destinations such as IVR and Calling Groups

call barge

Call Barge

Monitor your calls with the ability to interrupt and listen to any participant


Reporting and Statistics

View and analyze your data through detailed reporting and charting with a range of export options



Receive HTTP callbacks back to your app triggered by events such as Answer, Hangup etc..


Call Recordings

Index and retrieve system recordings with various storage options such as S3 Local FTP



Create and embed dashboard views for you and your customers using our widgets mechanism



Dial multiple extension in the same time using diffrent methodologies



Create Outgoing and Incoming Calls/SMS campaigns using predictive dialer Skilled Based methodologies

Time Based routing

Process calls based on timings rules using timezone schemes



Create Interactive Voice Response with unlimited branches



Create and manage voicemail to mail using Customized message templates



Allow your customers to view and modify thei and resources using multilingual and white labeled portal

Contact us to hear more about our feature list

Pricing Model

We provide a simple and flat pricing model


Start with no CapEx and pay as your grow
  • No installation or upfront fees
  • Create Unlimited Resources such as Extensions, IVRs Queues etc...
  • Pay only for the capacity we allocated for you , Resources can be accessed on demand
  • Scale in multiple regions and locations on top of our Cloud Platform
  • Includes Monitoring & system uptime with dedicated SLA
  • Includes Software support, daily backups, and bugfixes
  • Migrate to on-prem anytime!


On-Prem on your private or public cloud
  • Unlimited Channels and Resources
  • Custom integration on your private cloud
  • Fully whitelabled with your own resources (SSL Certificate, Domain names)
  • Dedicted IP Address(ess) and Domain(s) to use with your termination providers
  • On going Software support and Bug fixes with Quarterly Software upgrades
  • Binary and/or Source Code available by Demand
  • Tailored developments and training

Feel free to contact us for any clarification if you haven't found your answer on the Pricing F.A.Q

Check out our Pricing F.A.Q

What do i receive in the Free Trial

We Provide 14 Days trial to experience our platform. The Free Trial includes unlimited access to the platform. Note that pricing does not include Calls/SMS Terminations, Custom Domain SSL Certifications or any customization.

What the pricing includes

Pricing includes capacity usage based on concurrent calls/faxes and messages. Note that pricing does not includes Calls/SMS Terminations

Do you provide professional services?

Yes, we do provide consulting as Additional Service. Our Experience with various CRM and Software Platform can be of assistance to you.

What is the process of on-prem installation?

First, we will break down the different requirements. Step two is to analyze the total of the project that will be provided as parts of voipappz's SOW. We will try to encapsulate all the features need as a cPaaS

Do you provide Call Termination?

Our Main Focus and business is software, we can provide your termination via Certificated Providers on Cloud or allow you to use your Own Providers with a Dedicated IP Address On-Prem

How Scaling is preformed on cloud?

Resources are available as and when you use them, therefore there are no delays in expanding capacity or any wastage of unused capability. Resources are updated automatically via the self-care portal or by contacting the support team.

Can i Integrate your to our legacy product?

Yes, Our Agile Platform can be easily Integrate Into Legacy Call Centers, Technologies, and Protocols

in case you have any questions, please Contact our sales team

Our Customers

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